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Rent a Kawai Piano for Your Home!

Kawai Piano Rental Program
Let the Kawai Piano Gallery assist you with your piano rental needs. We offer flexible long-term and short-term piano rental programs on all of our new and award-winning Kawai grand, upright and digital pianos. With the widest selection in town, we have what you need. Call or visit us today for more information.

Month-to-Month Rentals
Whether you’re a beginner or have a child about to begin lessons, renting a Kawai piano might be the best option for you. With monthly payments starting at just $59.99 for acoustic pianos and $29.99 for digital pianos, choose from a selection of Kawai pianos recognized by teachers and musical institutions globally for their fine quality and performance. Available is the option to purchase the piano you are renting whereupon 6 months of rental payments will be applied toward its purchase. Contact us for more information and details about our month-to-month rental program.

Rent a Kawai Grand Piano! Rent a Kawai Upright Piano! Rent a Kawai Digital Piano!

Event Rentals
The Kawai Piano Gallery offers short-term rentals on acoustic and digital pianos for any event or occasion. Our event rental selection ranges from 9-foot Concert Grand Pianos to our 6’1” Crystal Grand Piano to grand, upright or digital pianos in any size. We provide one-day or multi-day rentals for concerts, recitals, weddings, private parties or corporate events. The cost of tuning and delivery are included in our listed prices below.

Call us at 972-379-2200 or Email here.

Kawai K-300 48" Professional Upright Piano Kawai K-500 51" Professional Upright Piano Kawai 5'2" GL-20 Baby Grand Piano Kawai 5'5" GL-30 Snow White Classic Grand

Shigeru Kawai 5'11" SK-2 Shigeru Kawai 6'2" SK-3 Shigeru Kawai 7'0" SK-6 Kawai CR-40 Crystal Piano

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