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Kawai Lab Controller System

A sophisticated, yet affordable, lab control system for today's music educator.

The Kawai KLCS is a state-of-the-art communication system perfect for group lessons taught on digital pianos and other electronic musical instruments. The KLCS is a scalable system accommodating from 8 to 48 students, plus the teacher's workstation. At the heart of the Kawai KLCS are its rack-mounted "hub" and a separate teacher control unit. The modular nature of the KLCS systems allows the hub to be placed away from the teacher's workspace with the smaller control unit placed conveniently near the teacher, even on the teacher's digital piano. Students can be taught individually, in pairs, in small groups, or in one large group. Students can also be isolated for private practice. Included in the KLCS system are headsets with microphones allowing for two-way communication between students and teacher. Input jacks on the KLCS control unit allow for integration of CD players, tape players, and other audio sources into the lesson plan. Output jacks provide for the recording of the lesson to tape or CD. The Kawai KLCS is a complete turn-key package, including headsets, student connector boxes, and all necessary cabling.

The Kawai KLCS Lab Control System… a state of the art lab system perfect for any group environment.

The KLCS components have been meticulously designed to facilitate ease of installation and use.

Control Module Large sliders and buttons enable easy selection of students and adjustment of settings. The small footprint allows the control module to be stationed right on top of the teacher piano.

Teacher Controller
Hub – Input and output jacks expand the function of the KLCS. Use the REC Out to send audio from any student or group to a computer or CD recording device. CD In lets the teacher play external music through the system for listening examples and play-along. The Mon. Out allows the lab to be heard in the room through external speakers. Classroom Hub
Expansion Kit –The basic KLCS kit accommodates 8 students. The expansion kit makes increasing the number of students in the class easy. Install the expansion board and attach the included cables to the Student Box of the new instruments. Student instruments can be added in multiples of 8 up to 48 students. Expansion Board
Headsets – The over-the-ear headsets are very durable for long life. The adjustable microphone and earpiece positioning ensure a custom fit for every student. Headphones
Student Box –Two headphone connections in each student box allows 2 students to learn at each keyboard using the split function. Computer connections in the student box enable audio to be sent to and from a computer at each student instrument. Student Box
Cables –The standard RJ-45 (8-conductor telephone-type) cables are specially designed for optimum audio transmission with minimal noise and signal fade. The cables are 30’ in length; longer or shorter custom lengths can be made. Cables
Owner's Manual  •   Expansion Kit Installation Manual

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