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Kawai Keyboard Actions
The Ultimate in Feel
Kawai’s award-winning digital piano actions have long been known for their quality construction and authentic feel, giving players complete freedom in their musical expression.

As one of the world’s premier builders of acoustic pianos, Kawai has long understood the importance of an instrument’s touch, or “feel”, to the player. Without a keyboard action that responds perfectly to an artist’s commands, a piano would not accurately create the sound that the artist is seeking. For this reason, Kawai engineers’ number one goal is to create digital piano actions that provide the same level of response and nuance as is found in our acoustic piano actions. To this purpose, Kawai has created two basic types of digital piano actions – ones with traditional wooden keys and ones with plastic keys.

Kawai’s wooden-key actions have long been heralded as offering the finest touch of any digital piano. All 88 keys are made entirely of wood to ensure the natural feel of a grand piano. Not only do these actions feature extra-long wooden keys, but also a mechanical design similar to that found in Kawai’s acoustic grand pianos. The extended length of the wooden key allows for a pivot point in the middle of the key. This creates movement on both ends of the keys and pushes the hammers in an upward motion from the back of the key (same as in a grand piano action). This critical element provides the player with very fine control usually found only in grand piano action. It’s worth noting that only Kawai’s wooden-key actions offer this type of mechanical design.

Kawai GFII Digital Piano Action Kawai’s The Grand Feel (GF) and Grand Feel II (GFII) are the latest in Kawai’s long line of wooden key actions. In addition to the aforementioned attributes, both actions offer graded hammers, key counterweights, Ivory-touch key surfaces (white keys), Let-off and triple sensor key detection. Both actions offer the longest key length of any Kawai digital piano. The GFII action also adds Ebony–touch key surfaces (black keys) along with improvements in the hammer weights.

Kawai RM3 Digital Piano Action

The RM3II action is an earlier version action that offers many of the same attributes as the GF action, including the center pivot mechanical design, graded hammers, key counterweights, Ivory-touch key surfaces (white keys), Let-off and triple sensor key detection. The AWA PROII is an even earlier version wooden-key action that, along with the mechanical design mentioned above, offers graded hammers and key counterweights.

The other type of Kawai actions are ones that use plastic keys. These actions use an industry-standard design where the pivot point is placed at the back of the key, not in the middle. (This type of design is the only one used by every other digital piano brand.) These actions utilize a hammer component under the keys that creates a mechanical movement and feel similar to an acoustic piano. Additionally, the hammer weights are “graded” where the left-hand, or bass, keys are heaviest. As you move up the keyboard the hammers gradually become lighter. This simulates the same characteristic found in an acoustic pianos action where the hammers are larger in the bass region and gradually get smaller as you move up the keyboard.

Kawai RHIII  Digital Piano Action
The Real Hammer (RHII and RHIII) actions are the latest versions of Kawai’s plastic-key actions. In addition to the aforementioned features, they offer Ivory-touch key surfaces, triple sensor key detection, and Let-off. The RHIII adds Ebony-touch key surfaces and key counterbalancing. The AHAIV-F is an earlier version action with the aforementioned graded hammers. It is a previously top-of-the line action that now offers superior touch in entry-level Kawai digital pianos.

Kawai AHAIV-F Action

Due to their smaller size/weight and lower cost, plastic key actions are found on Kawai digital pianos where the instrument’s overall size, weight or cost is a consideration. For instruments where this is not a concern, or where no compromise performance is the goal, Kawai’s highly-acclaimed wooden-key actions are employed.

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