Welcome to Our Family

From generation to generation, the Kawai vision continues. From its humble beginnings in 1927, the company has evolved into a multi-national corporation with nearly $1 billion annually in worldwide sales… employing over 4000 people across four continents
– yet we are still a family.

A never ending quest for perfection sparked by the skills and dreams of one man, magnified by the vision and passion of his son, and advanced by the steadfast determination of his grandson.
It is an illustrious heritage that finds its greatest fulfillment not in size and scope, but in quality and heart.

The Future of the Piano

Key Benefits of the Millennium III Action 

Golf clubs, tennis rackets, exotic sport cars – all have the same thing in common:  They represent the engineering strengths of carbon fiber – particularly when compared to their wooden predecessors.  Adding carbon fiber to our renowned ABS-Styran parts increased strength by 90%. This enabled ABS-Carbon parts to be stronger, even though they were made lighter in weight. With lighter ABS-Carbon parts, the Millennium III Action is approximately 25% faster than a conventional wooden action. ABS-Carbon is more rigid and sends more energy to the hammer with every keystroke, providing more power with less effort. The jack is redesigned with a microscopic surface texture to provide unparalleled control for pianissimo playing.